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CORE GALORE on the freeFORM boards will get you in the best shape ever, while having fun!
Who is Mylène?
The creator and impetus behind the Pilates inspired CORE GALORE® is Mylène Brock. Originally from France, Mylène is a movement teacher with nearly thirty years of experience in both Europe and the United States.
Mylène has worked with a variety of clients on land, (at spas and wellness resorts like the Golden Door and Miraval, gyms, parks and clients' homes), at sea, (on the QEII and Vistafjord cruises), and even in the air, (developing inflight programs for her clients).
Mylène holds physical education degrees from France and is ACE certified since 1992. 
CORE GALORE® is an accredited ACE course since 2009. Mylène has been teaching the Pilates Method since 2001, and is a Fletcher-Pilates qualified teacher. Fascinated by whole mind and body movements, she is most excited about her empirical discovery of the fascial network- the connective tissue surrounding and interwined throughout the body - through her work on the boards. She is determined to keep studying that field, as fascial health yields to higher performance through restoration of our physical well-being.
Mylène lives in Tucson, AZ with her two beautiful children.
CORE GALORE ® as featured in the September 2012 issue of Pilates Style Magazine!“Reinvent the Wheel”“Spice up your practice with the new CORE GALORE boards, designed to challenge core stability and flexibility, and promote proper alignment. The devices features a cushioned platform on wheels, which acts as an unstable surface, forcing you to deeply engage your pelvic floor, transverses and glutes muscles for maximum burn.You’ll also learn to improve movement control as you fight against gravity and traction. It’s the perfect workout complement when you want some variety and a little extra challenge.”